Indeflag | Indie and retro music from all around the world

As our dedicated writers travel and settle around the world, they keep on sharing their best indie and retro music discoveries from everywhere. After spending 1 year in Brisbane, they are currently settled in Paris, France and Berkeley, California.

Indeflag is the new worldwide face of Indeflagration, one of France most renowned indie music blogs.

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Current locations of Indeflagrators:

Berkeley, California (August 2017-?)
Paris, France (August 2013-?) – see Indeflagration

Past locations of Indeflagrators:

Brisbane, Australia (June 2016-June 2017) – see Indeflagration Oz

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From San Francisco Bay Area

August 2017 – ?

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From France

August 2013 – ?

#Flashback: From Brisbane, Australia

June 2016-June 2017